EUDEMONIC - Release year: 2016, June 3.

01. November
02. Delay
03. Unfinished Dream
04. Poisoned Rose of Summer
05. The Gate
06. One Day Closer ( loop )
07. Restart
08. Galway Bay
09. Sunbeam


U see I'm colorful
It means i'm going to die, soon
I stand alone, still life: I pose
and nude, defenseless i will face the cold inside

Winter will be gone
Dark embrace, cold quiet grave
Will u remember me as i used to be?
winter will be gone
Will i see your face, will i feel your taste?
Will i remember you or you will fade away from me?

November - I'm dying to spring again
November - no longer i will be your place

Will you remember the security of my shades
Will I remember that a new life awaits
November – leafs falling away
November – rains will tear from grey
Remember - new smiles will bloom one day
Remember - these days are gone away

Life flows slow through my veins
I'm prepared to be my own death
And day after day
Hour after hour
Rain - snow - pain - I grow

I will feel a newborn me while you will smile for different eyes
I will be the same old me, no more your shelter no more your shield

Remember to forget about me



I try, I fight, I lose: no matter what
you shine, you smile, you hide: uncatchable
inside my crystal cage I build the wall
to keep me far from what I need the most

you dance, divine malice, you drink my tears
I swallow jealousy, you feed my fears
my muse, oh sweet obsession, leave me be
you breathe my air, you steal the light from me

I know, there was a time that I still felt you could be mine
I know, there was a place for you and me, endless embrace

I run, I hurt, I bleed: I choke my heart
you wait, you laugh, you dream: unreachable
my bond, this chain I close around my neck
I'm waiting for the day when you will be back

I choose my misery, you are not to blame
there can't be a light on since there is no flame
I need no sympathy, world leave me be
just give me a chance to fade away from here

same time, different place: away, I won't meet your face
same place, different time: delay, you won't be mine

too late, too late...



Why do I love you?
Why do I dream at night?
Why do I feel you, while my hands are empty in daylight?
Now you tell me why
Dreams cannot survive
Everything will die
When light enters in my eyes

What am I? An unfinished dream
weird, absurd, repeating time after time

In black and white the stream flows the memories
of what I'm scared to find While the future lies behind
Reality is in between these mirrors, broken dreams
And then I'm face to face with the pieces of myself

Why do I wake up?
Why do I live this life?
Why do I see you while your absence paints my time?

And my dream is stuck in me
And I'm trapped in what I am:
What am I? An unfinished dream

I know we live a lie
Love is born to die
I refuge in my dreams
How i wish to live asleep

I see your eyes beneath the haze of barren tears
I feel your mouth slowly gently kissing me
Then emptiness breaks in when light's blindfolding me
The cold sensation comes to fill the void I live



and I know then if
I will jump down the rope
I will walk again one day
the well known icy path
standing on black ice
too thin to stand the weight
of my guardian angels in my eternal fight

this space is too small for us
since you share with me
the nonsense of our bleeding game
I didn't choose to play
and then I find myself
with an empty handful of sand
of time we wasted and lost behind
and now I know you lied... lies... lies!

and I'm wrong again
meaningless, betrayed
left out in the cold
while your sun still burns my soul
and you'll rise again
my ash will be your gain
the life you stole from me
the misery you feed

dying, I close my eyes
I smell my dreams
poisoned by your tears
my rose, your petals killed
the summer of my heart

and for how I prayed
I never found the faith 
you killed me
and I'll never live again

and i swear i'll live again



You stand there
on the other side
out of reach
but way too close
These bars
gate through a wall
that separates
and kill the hopes

you talk to me
but there's no sound
I scream at you
but the voice rebounds
back to me, please open
this Traitors Gate
this Love and Hate
that separates

Shame, disgrace
this Traitors Gate
is a door on nowhere
come to this side
or let me in
to get lost and found again... again, again.




One day closer to all I want from life
One day closer to what I try to hide
One day closer to the to the happiness I'll find
One day closer until I die

One day closer to whom I miss the most
One day closer to what will be lost
One day closer to what I have to find
One day closer to the one I'll lose my mind
One day closer to my final breath
One day closer to my death

The day I'll find myself
one day closer to when I'll dream again
One day closer, I'll try to find the wind
One day closer to my last sentence

One day closer...
Closer... far, too far from where I was meant to be
to what I was meant to become
I try to remember, stay focus: I am just...
one day closer...



In the end, the dawn
In the end, night has gone
You've gone too far
As reward just scars

The dream is lost:
sunlight has its cost
I will meet you there
And we'll take off
Restart from here

For every single step your thoughts
were broken dreams, forget the loss
For every time you ain't shared your pain
For every day you hoped in vain
For every single drop you bleed
And all the blame, the shame you feed
For everytime you cried alone
I say restart! this is your dawn

Restart and never looking back
Restart, forget the misery, yourself is what you've left



Nevermore... again, the waves crash on the bay
but the Ocean doesn't mind, it leaves the memories behind

I stand on the line
I stand on the edge
I stand... shall I fall?

Swans from heaven rest in the harbour of my chest
seagulls ride the wind, I count the distance that's in between

Any single drop of rain
comes to wash away my pain
In the tide I fade away
Never ever, ever never again
I say goodbye to the farewells left behind: do you hear me?

I found my way to Galway Bay, I don't want to go away
it's the corner of a room in my soul: no one enters, no one goes

Everytime I walk away
Every minute, every day
Everytime I fade away



Another day begins
I used to hate the world since the first step I took still half asleep
After another haunted night
I drag my legs to the mirror and I check myself again
and the usual mask is still on my own face

I sit on bed and smile today, a bittersweet sensation grows inside
if I remember the time gone wasted

Then I see the light
a ray that floats on wings of butterfly

Uncapable to die
too many sunsets an so few dawns i've seen
and all the dreams went lost into the sun

Alone I'm born, alone I die
the loneliness in between it's what is killing me
but serenity is finally on my side

Then I see the light
a ray that floats on wings of butterfly
Alights upon my hand
it's warm and I forget the cage around

Goodbye, my friend


THE WHITE DISEASE - Release: 2012, June 3.

01. Saturn Hellucination
02. High Resolution God
03. Crimson
04. Windowpane
05. The White Disease
06. Thin Ice
07. The Dark Side Of Light
08. Banished From Heaven


You ride on time
you’re sliding in
my eyes become your sight through me
With gentle voice
you talk within
black surrounds the light in me

Hello, welcome, please sit inside my mind
I don’t deny I was waiting for a sign
I’ve gone away so silent in this endless black sky
you came at me so bright, lady in white

A ray of light dispelling silver plans
you gently wash my sadness, you mesmerize my soul
awaken heart, you float beyond my haze
you embrace me in the soil and time slides away

I say my last goodbye
when life makes the sound of dead stars falling down
you take me away
to the endless sky, you take me back where womb
it means to die
you oniric guide

You come to take me
while living would leave me
suspended in between
the pain and the helpless hope
for a new dawn
a sense of redemption
obsession, possession
your guidance sets me free

Oh, souls embrace
staring eyes to the hell
left behind, down below
burning land, bed of thorns
I call home



I’m feeling down again
To live is a longer way to suicide
Time ticked away in vain
To know there’s a way out helps to stay in

this ride, doped we run we try to overcome the legacy of centuries
of fast regression from the wilderness to technology
High Resolution God
is the machine, central brain of global flattening, meltdown of diseases
High Resolution God
amplify my sins

Bet on your own ride, failure is justified, people watching you
only on pay-per-view, they wait for you to fall, die...
at least to crawl
give them true emotions, real life’s substitute
High Resolution God
Amplify my sins

Sky will fall down heavy smooth and flat
tread the race within the ground
And the mass madness around united will stare down
to the screen of God, in perfect resolution we’ll meet the end of time

Every fight you win, my friend, will get you closer to the end
Just stop and play the videotape, life will be over soon
Everytime you lose, my friend, never turn your back again
Face the electric wind today
Anyway: you’ll die alone


In silent happiness I see you are going down
Violent emptiness, my blade is ripping your flesh deep inside
My desperate scream is shouting your red agony
Your lifeless eyes recalling all the memories as now they die

My guilty hands are crimson stained, I touch your skin
You seem so peaceful while I look for help and there’s no one around

This endless loneliness we live tears us apart
So far away from any kind of comprehension we survive
Love is the unknown feeling we don’t understand
We struggle, hate each others ‘till the last drop falls from our void

You shall relieve me
You shall relieve my pain in fact you take me down
I shall release it
I shall release the beast and love and kill you now

My fading light | Dark is the dawn
These counted days | of destiny
Bleeding eyes | Hazy is the end
I’m dying | we’ll never know
Fallen tears | Long is the path
Wasted years | towards the flames
useless the efforts to find a sense

And today I rise you dead
And today I rise you dead


Did you leave it open?
The window to the pain is letting feelings fly away from this landscape of fall
Symbolic fray, glass freedom caged
Despair is the remaining trash of our cannibal love

Virtual embrace, cold distant frames
We spread reflected images while the loneliness digs around

Hold me now, hold me now, hold me now, I’m dead

Rush and fever, rust and scars inflicted perseverant
To find the way to destroy what we built up
Unsafe insane and cowards, fragile basements of a wall we keep on rising
And hope it will fall down


Alone, guilty and deranged
The pain won’t go away
We draw the lines to build our cage
And turn the love to hate
The Dark Passenger inside
The path to loneliness
A spring of neverending ice
The white disease within


Face to the sky, the white shelter of sorrow
still silently covers the skin of this land
stand on the ice with no chances for tomorrow
years slide fast from present to future to past

division line between hate and the love that is always denied
buried in the icy grave
matter of time, nothing last nor the half offorever:
thin ice cracks under your feet

hopeless I try to keep balance when cold hands
are pulling me under while taking my breath
desperate eyes see myself as I fall down
in deep waters, darkness awaits down below

no reason why for these senseless hollow days
that we call life but we don’t understand
no one survive to this hopeless cruel mad world
and day after day ice is melting us down

as my heart starts slowing down you are in my eyes
as my fears start freezing sinking you flow deep inside
as I try resisting to that silence force
I feel my senses fade away

Over and over and over again on the sharp edge we balance our souls
Ice is the fragile base under our feet, the thin line between life and the death


The truth hidden from your eyes is the dark side of light

Darkened lies, whispers are what remains when light slowly fades
It’s your darkest hour, and the doubt is the engine of the truth

Living a lie, living to die
We are standing aside, staying alive
Sleepwalking blind, trusting the liars
Ignoring uncomfortable truths
Light is the life, light is the lie
Faith needs the force of light to stay alive

Centuries of blood and faith united under the Holy Cross
Light used to blind, control the masses, ignorance scared of the dark

Freedom’s something only slaves can feel, we bend afraid to bleed
We don’t look for answers, it’s easier to live how they decided

Candle lights, the Holy Ghost: a promise, the living ones: a tragedy
It will be heaven, it’s what they say while they just give us hell on Earth

Deadly Sins wherever
Witch hunting forever
Fearing dark and magic
Hiding behind the light of
The shining scapegoat
Human freedom’s broken
In darkness dreams are living
In darkness mind can see the light
The dark side of light is the truth hidden from your eyes

Dead religions, false blind wisdom, bend your head now, hollow
Light will lead you to the nothing they still promise to keep control
Close your eyes now, turn that light off, feel yourself and free your mind
from the impositions, inquisition, you will be for the very first time


I’ve been told of heaven, a place I never found
I’ve been told of heaven, prize for enslaved mankind
I’ve been told of heaven, a place I’ll never find
Banished from their heaven, in hell I’d better die

Hold me now we are walking on the shore of hell
Desolated wasteland where Today never ends

Walking on the bitter sands of memory
Violated, betrayed, please don’t leave my hand

War is behind the curtain of the days we left
Isolation, silence, deserted land

And when I thought of heaven, a dream I can’t recall
So what I thought of heaven: their blissfulness mirage

Run, set me free from the shine of the sun
Burning eyes are leading blind our feet
There is nowhere to hide from ourselves
Naked truth, broken youth
Guilt and shame, cries and pain since we bore until we die
Flesh burnt by shine of the sun
Souls affected by the shadows of doubt
No redemption, deliverance comes
for the ones that believe in a God
never seen, never heard, never loved

Now I lay down on you, my one only truth
Now I lay down on you, and the sun won’t shine new